Comprehensive Women's Self-Defense

In reality, there are only two situations that you must know how to handle. The first is an ambush, when you are suddenly attacked by a stranger. The second is a confrontation, with a stranger or someone you know, and emotions spin out of control, resulting in violence. This class addresses both, by stressing the importance of situational awareness, sensitivity to behavior that leads to confrontation, and use of defensive tactics if attacked.

Using methods developed by Israeli security, this four-part class prepares women to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations that lead to physical attacks. And, in the event that the attack cannot be avoided, how to protect yourself.

Each part of the course is three hours in length, a total of 12 hours of training.

The first class addresses the importance of situational awareness, recognizing signs of an impending threat, using avoidance strategies and verbal deescalation.  So, your first goal is to PREVENT an attack from ever occurring.

The remaining three classes address physical tactics that you will need to use in order to survive an attack.

In the second class you will learn basic Israeli Krav Maga.  This is a simple yet highly effective method of fighting that is easy to learn and practice.

In the third class you will learn how to handle firearms, comfortably and safely, using the Israeli shooting system.  You will learn basic safety rules and practice checking, loading, unloading, stance, grip, trigger press, sighting, shooting, solving malfunctions, all without live ammunition.

In the fourth class, we take a trip to the range, where you will have plenty of time to practice the skills that you developed in part three, while using live ammunition.

Remember, our first goal is to PREVENT an attack from ever occurring. And, when prevention fails, our second goal is to be able to RESPOND and STOP an attack.

Event Properties

Event Date 06-01-2023 9:30 am
Event End Date 06-22-2023 12:30 pm
Capacity 8
Cut off date 06-01-2023 11:55 pm
Individual Price $175.00
Location Compass Pointe

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